Chris Pearase

Chris Pearase

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First Name * Chris
Last Name * Pearase
Username * CLONEOPS
Country * Canada
City Vancouver
Nationality Quite a mix,Welsh and French...uh Bohemian.


Availability: Freelance


I am Canadian.
I am...
A vapid reader of the hard science fiction,and a fan of kung fu and action flicks
I love the outdoors and traveling, searching for wild and strange vistas.
Mountain biking and swimming in salt water oceans would take up most of my time if I was not always working like slave doggie.
Have so far solved one of the universes mysteries..
Pi..mmmhhh good!
Working on the second one now...really...seriously really...It's highly technical.
I am a lifelong fan of the arts in it's various forms and yes i be a wee bit semi nerdish..
Yet... I walk in no man's shadow and load my own bullets.
Thanyk you..Thangku verah much!
And yes i grow moss,but it's cultured exotic moss dammit.